Who We Are

Carole Mundy – Partner

Carole is the creative force of the operation, whose strategic vision keeps MKM current in marketing methodologies and moves the company forward with new advertising opportunities and communications strategy. Her ingenuity and ability to deliver messages with limited budgets and in unique arenas is a hallmark of our firm and one that she imparts to our team.

Carole oversees client media planning & placement, and special projects for multi-state and national programs. In addition to political clients, Carole works on grassroots, corporate and non-profit campaigns including trade associations and their annual promotional efforts.

She heads up the New York office where she hosts her own mini-version of Bryant Park movie nights in her backyard.

Janet Katowitz – Partner

Janet is MKM’s driving strength, who oversees day-to-day operations, client account management, and staff training. Her steady leadership, uncanny problem-solving ability, and boundless enthusiasm are key foundations for MKM’s continued growth and success.

A veteran organizer and campaign manager, Janet has directed door-to-door fundraising canvasses, managed grass-roots campaigns, and coordinated political operations for state legislative caucuses. Janet encountered her first media buyer while working on a statewide campaign. Realizing she could earn a living combining her passion for politics with her love of pop culture, TV, and shopping, Janet had found her dream job.

Janet lives in Washington, DC along with eight televisions, two high-speed internet connections, and her vinyl LP collection.